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Cento Pasta Bar- Authentic Italian Experience in Los Angeles


Pasta was cooking and the sauces were slowly cooking. As it was ready, they served it still “al dente”. That’s real poetry for an Italian man who misses the flavors of Italy, and finally I found those flavors here in Los Angeles.

I could write so much about how happy I was while I saw the pasta finally cooked “al dente” here in Los Angeles instead of the usually sticky mush a lot of restaurants serve, but I don’t want to talk about pasta, you will have to find out how it is by yourself. I want to talk about the Porchetta Sandwich that really got me hooked  up.


The bread was the right one, not too soft, not too hard, the pork meat was flavored and well cooked, and the Jalapeño added that spicy note that everyone will enjoy. The generous crunchy piece of pork added on the top of all was finally the ticket to heaven for your taste buds.

What can I add to all this? Well the only thing that comes to my mind is the kindness and patience (even though I interrupted them so many time for the photos!) of all the guys working at Cento Pasta Bar.


So, in conclusion, if you didn’t already, take a moment to visit this small piece of Italy downtown Los Angeles and enjoy some REAL italian food.

Cento Pasta Bar Facebook: Cento Pasta Bar Facebook

Taste of Claremont

As I got in, where the Taste of Claremont event would have taken place shortly, the emotion was tangible and the Claremont Rotary members were taking care of last preparation.  20160430_171451

The stands where full of people preparing wonderful dishes for the people that shortly would have filled up the Claremont University Consortium. At the same time, Beer, Wine and Scothc producers were opening the first bottle and as I was passing by every stand, different flavors, sounds and fragrances were taking place in front of my eyes.


As the beer started making bubbles and the foam was filling the glass, I turned myself and saw the first wine producer pouring the first glass. 20160503_113939Just a few seconds later and everywhere this small but beautiful  fair became the blooming time of taste for the small city of Claremont.

Minutes after the gate opened, people were already eating, drinking and enjoying at this event whose proceeds will be devolved to charity.

Time passed quickly and the live band performance was just the right accompaniment for what turned out to be a wonderful event that year after year is becoming more and more interesting.

In conclusion I just want to say a BIG Thank you to the Rotary of Claremont which has been very kind and demonstrated to be a wonderful reality here in Claremont.