A Wine a Day – Château de Chambert: Cahors Malbec 2009

What is better than enjoying the right wine with some friends, our family, the person we love or just by ourselves?

There are wines that just seem to get straight to our soul and I really have been wanting to start reviewing some for a long time.

This series of posts is not meant to be a deep and critical analysis about expensive wine. I am not paid to review any of the wines (but if you want to pay me it’s not a problem…duh!) but more of a user-friendly and quick tool to enjoy some easily affordable wines (again, pay me so I can afford more expensive wines to enjoy by myself…duh…again!)

Long story shorts, here is the first one:

Château de Chambert: Cahors Malbec 2009

As a Southern Italian, I cannot help myself, I like wines that have character and that are not afraid of showing it, therefore Cahors and the “black wines” from this region are a love at first sight (or should I say sip?)

Good tannin (that feeling of dry, silky mouth) and lovely fruit as black currant and red berries and earthy. It is great by itself but the fat of a nice steak really makes this wine go a step further!  This wine definitely wants some beef or pork to be fully appreciated and it is really a great example of a relatively approachable wine from this French region. There are some great spices in this wine, black and white pepper are just about right. The more the bottle is open, the more spices and dry fruit notes come out without ever being boring or excessive.

The Malbec (the grape variety prevalent in this wine) in this wine, keep remind us how a grape that was obscure until a few decades ago, can be the main protagonist of great wines at a very reasonable price.

The average price for this wine is 20$ and it is definitely worth it. Bring a bottle of this at any dinner in which meat is a protagonist and you cannot go wrong!

For those of you who are interested in aging wines, although this wine is ready to be drunk right now, it definitely has potential for a short aging until 2022 or so.


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  1. I had a chance to try it and, you’re right, it’s a great wine at a great price! Loved the dark chocolat accents too.

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